August 15, 2018



Keep your eyes open for the following

Upcoming Publications:


~ "Bent Wings" (poem) to be published by

Rag Queen Periodical

Issue 3, upcoming November 2018


~”Fifth Sun”, "Life Sentence", and "Time's Up" (3 Drabbles, 100 words each) to be published in

Chronos anthology

*available for PreOrder on Amazon*


~"Forbidden Memories" (hybrid CNF/flash) to be published in Pixel Heart Mag; "love" theme; upcoming Sept/Oct 



~ "Gallop Through the Night" (poem) to be published at

Ghost City Review



~ "How to Become a Phoenix" (flash/CNF) to be published at Pussy Magic, Hallow's Eve issue (October 2018)



~ “In Bloom” / “Vows” / “Once" / "6 More Weeks..." / "The Bones" (5 poems) to be published at

Bonnie's CrewOctober 2018 



~ "Reclamation" (poem) to be published in

Picaroon Poetry, Issue #14, upcoming January 2019



"River Styx" & "The Ripper" to be published in

Drabbledark II: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles



~ "Six More Weeks of Winter", "Saturn's Final Rotation" & "Human in Any Other Form" (dark sci-fi/fantasy drabbles, 100-words each) to be published in Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles - upcoming for purchase in print, all e-book formats including Kindle, Nook & iBook, and audiobook available July 20th.


*ORDER on Amazon* - Kindle e-book / print-on-demand



Thank you so much to everyone who supported the making of this anthology!! Because of you, I received my first-ever cash compensation for my creative writing. That felt darn good... I love sharing my work for free! But it's hard work creating what I do, spending my time and energy editing and perfecting each piece. To make anything is amazing - usually the payment of exposure is enough. But this time I got pro rates of 10 cents per word! And that felt a little bit like blossoming as a writer. Thank you everyone!!




~ "Smog City" (flash fiction/continuing saga) to be published 

NEWMAG, upcoming online & in print




~ "The Wanted" (science fiction; 1oo-word drabble) to be published by

Martian Magazine - upcoming online!




~ "Unearthing" (flash fiction/CNF hybrid) to be published in Issue Four: " Silent Hilling" of

Moonchild Mag, upcoming soon  



~ "Watch the World Burn" and "Melting Wax" (2 poems) to be published by

Collective Unrest, upcoming



~ “Women’s Work” (visual art, collage) to be published in Riggwelter Press, upcoming Issue 17, January 2019





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