Polish the Bones

May 16, 2018

Polish the Bones




(drabble, 100 words)

published at Spelk Fiction

May 16, 2018





The bones are always left behind.


I gather them together as if kindling in my skirt and smuggle them up the stairs two at a time, creaking under the weight.


Weight of your bones.


I polish each with care until they shine like perfectly cultured freshwater pearls.


Imperfections make them beautiful.


I fondle glistening femurs and rib bones stacked neat like accordions.


Teeth take longer to glimmer. They clack against each other as I shake one fist, morbid music jangling from my improvised instrument.


Finally I organize them, each polished bone set in proper shape, until you are almost whole again.








Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

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