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This list includes literary magazines and journals who have published me, ones on my dream pub & personal submission list, others that are just plain awesome and deserve publicity.

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Black Sun Lit

"At Black Sun Lit, we propose a renewed aestheticism that values beauty—not communication or representation—as the end of literature. Beauty is for us the experience of the limit, an autonomy beyond that of life itself. We search for it in all forms of extreme expression: whether in minimalism or maximalism, ultramodernism or neotraditionalism, in the experimental or in the archaic, in a desire that exceeds the body or in the longing for boredom. Beauty is the encounter between the saint and the hedonist, the prostitute and the Buddha: a truth that, like staring into the face of a medusa, petrifies the gaze into a contemplation of nothingness. At Black Sun Lit we value beauty that can be discerned in the fragmentary and the sacred, the dysfunctional and the erotic, the derelict and the obsessive."

"Black Sun Lit (generally) reads submissions year-round, considers only previously unpublished work, and allows simultaneous submissions in the good faith that the writer promptly notifies us if their work has been accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are also welcome, though we ask that these be limited to two prose pieces (up to 5,000 words each, submitted separately), five poems (in one file, clearly indicating the beginning of each poem), or two essays (up to 5,000 words each, submitted separately). We are also open to translations, interviews, and/or works of drama, and enjoy debate on any artistic endeavor as it relates to our mission statement."

*fiction (prose)







Blanket Sea

"This publication is focused on work by writers and artists who live with chronic illness, mental illness, and disability. The work doesn’t necessarily need to be about those experiences, but submissions along those lines are welcomed and encouraged. Above all else, we’re looking for truth, openness, and honesty."

*Creative Nonfiction




Burning House Press

July guest editor:

Subs open until

Theme: "

Carve Magazine

Carve has published HONEST FICTION online since 2000 and hosts the annual Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. Print and digital quarterly issues feature poetry, nonfiction, interviews, illustrations, and more.

Carve, named in honor of Raymond Carver, publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that respects the power of language and craft and elicits genuine emotional truths. We also strive to foster a sense of camaraderie among all writers and readers.

We converse with the writers we publish, sharing discussions on the modern writer’s life with readers across digital and print mediums. We deliver thoughtful feedback on select submissions that we decline, and we highlight individuals and organizations who practice outstanding literary citizenship. We also engage younger readers through classroom-ready lesson plans centered on our short stories.

We value the power of good writing—to challenge, heal, educate, disturb, and transform. With our borderless, inclusive, and diverse community, we look forward to sharing in the empathic spaces that literature creates.

Ellipsis Zine

*currently open for web submissions*

Ellipsis Zine is an online literary magazine for beautifully written fiction & creative nonfiction. 1,000 words or fewer, any genre.

"We love stories that make us forget where we are, stories that introduce us to people, places and things we’ve never seen before and stories that stick with us long after we leave them.

We publish three new stories per week; on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Visit the submissions page for guidelines on sending us your work.

Alongside the website we produce print and digital zines..."

*flash fiction

*creative nonfiction

Exoplanet Magazine

"Stories from outside the normative orbit"

"As a webzine, we have flexibility to print larger pieces, but keep in mind that a shorter piece is much more likely to be published.

If you write speculative fiction from a non-normative perspective, we want to read your work.

We aim to reply to all submissions within a month. If it has been more than a month since you submitted and you haven’t heard from us, please let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can."

*fiction submissions under 5,000 words

*art submissions in .jpg format, at least 300 dpi

Fairlight Books

Seeking: stories, novellas, novels


"We desire a self-confident degree of alchemy. We value density. We back the materiality of language. When in the field, language does gallop and snort. Its rest need be fitful. The poem that sleeps sleeps on its feet. Language crafts its blueprint poem to poem. There are no gold coins on the map; they must be forged by the poet. To invent is to invent one's construct, to stitch a flag from the void."

~ ​Logan Fry + Matthew Moore + Caroline Gormley | editors

If we take longer than a week with your submission, it is because we have taken interest;

Send however much work you feel appropriate. This could be two pages; it could be twenty.

Lucent Dreaming

"Where dreams follow you"

Seeking for Issue 2:





New Pop Lit

"We are interested in good storytelling, which means reader-friendly writing. Stream-of-consciousness diversions and endless sentences are not our thing. We’ll take well-structured originality over what everyone else is doing. We enjoy clarity and pace.

We place few limitations on genre– but we don’t like pointless sex or violence merely for the sake of sex or violence. We prefer reality over fantasy. We like edginess. We believe great writing can be uplifting and we always like humor. If that sounds vague, so be it! The story or poem itself is what’s most important. We want to be amazed.

Our current big need is for short audio recitations for our new Open Mic feature. Three minutes max recommended."

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters (O:JA&L)

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters will consider submissions of previously unpublished original work in flash fiction, creative nonfiction as essay or memoir, poetry in all styles and genres, as well as submissions of prose, poetry, and drama as audio or video files. Open: Journal of Arts & Letters will also consider queries for appropriate academic articles, long fiction suitable for serial publication, craft essays, book reviews, art/gallery reviews, music reviews, arts collaborations, and interviews with artists, musicians, photographers, poets, videographers, writers, and others.

*fiction - flash & prose


*CNF - essay/memoir

*craft essays

*book reviews



Paragraph Planet

Your submission can be a short story, an extract from a novel or the capturing of a moment. The main rule is that it needs to be EXACTLY 75 words long including the title. (All submissions are formatted as one paragraph - see the home page - so it helps if you submit that way.)


Sinkhole Mag


"things we're interested in: form can be experimental or traditional, as long as the product is well-executed. we encourage strong voices, playfulness, and emotional resonance.

forms we like: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, comics, hybrid works, video essays."

word limits: 1500 words or less.

PS - no pitches, please.

Spelk Fiction

*currently closed for subs*

"Short, sharp flash fiction"

Feed The Cabinet of Heed

"The Cabinet is hungry for submissions. You can prevent a terrifying furniture-based rampage by feeding it quirky, off-centre fiction or poetry that might astound and inspire! Please note: All well-crafted work will be considered, quirky or not.

The Cabinet of Heed is an online literary journal that publishes excellent short stories, poetry and flash fiction. Please take a few moments to read some of the work on the site to get an idea of the work we generally publish.

Please put your work’s title in the subject line of the email. Don’t forget to include the word count..."

*max word length for short stories is 4000 words. No minimum.

*no more than four poems please

The Paragon Press/Journal

*Publishing the following Literary Magazines:

*The Paragon Journal is an online literary magazine that specializes in showcasing the work of new authors among established authors. We accept submissions year round, and would love to read your work.

*The Martian Chronicle is scouting specifically for post-modernism, we are looking for artists, painters, poets, critiques, and photographers who wish to gain a strong voice in a medium whose resonation is not being heard. Many topics, subjects, and project productions are not reverberating among millennial, mainstream media.

*Anapest: Journal of Poetry Excellence is actively seeking excellence and elegance of poetry to be published daily on their website and eventually compiled into monthly issues that can be shared with the world.

*Echo: Journal of Creative Nonfiction is looking for work that comes from the heart. They publish twice a year and are looking for the work that expresses the truth of life.

*The Nabu Review is named after the Mesopotamian god of literacy and the arts. They focus primarily on fiction and are looking for pieces that express the true fundamentals of fiction.

The Sea Letter

Currently accepting submissions for its Summer 2018 issue.

About: The Sea Letter is a blog and seasonal literary journal dedicated to bringing curious minds together.

*Short Fiction



* Chapter Series

If Accepted:

Poetry & Short Fiction

We pay $50 per acceptance - works will be featured on our blog as well as our print issue.


We pay $25 per acceptance - works will be featured on our blog as well as our print issue.

Chapter Series

Works will be featured on our blog.

  • Do not submit works that have been published elsewhere

  • You may include multiple written works in a single submission, so long as it does not exceed the word-count limit of that category.

Word-Count Limits:

  • Short Fiction: 10,000

  • Poetry: 5,000

  • Chapter Series: 10,000

Who Writes Short Shorts

We celebrate the short form in all its majesty: poetry, reviews, flash fiction, non-fiction, essays, instructional – ANYTHING you’d like, as long as it’s less than 1000 words.

This month (June)’s theme is “Live & Learn”

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