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Undone, Still Whole is Tianna G. Hansen’s first collection of poetry, 48 pages paired with illustrations. A journey guided by divine feminine figures and symbols chronicling trauma and recovery. Persephone, goddess of the Underworld, who embraces the darkness; Artemis, hunting trauma and triggers to relish their destruction; Calypso, feeling passion like the waves of an ocean growing, allowing one to consume and be consumed; Hecate, Three-Headed Goddess of Witches, who evokes the idea of crossing over, a silent witness to pain and suffering. This collection asks "what am I?" A woman undone, but still whole, a body that has been battered by the hands of time, by men and abusers. A woman not broken but who does not feel whole - this collection attempts to make sense of that feeling, of living in the aftermath of trauma, embracing womanhood and the moon as a muse for being whole in every phase of life.

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"‘Undone, Still Whole’ by Tianna G. Hansen is a powerful poetic ritual that reaches into a survivor’s soul. This is deep magic at work. . . .


Trauma can leave the spirit feeling undone, unlaced and vulnerable, but this anthology looks at the raw witch power of taking that trauma to rebuild the self and come to a sense of wholeness. And this is a complete anthology, a holistic whole. A journey that may, perhaps, have begun with trauma… but does not end there. . . . 


Tianna draws beautifully, powerfully on myth and magic and strong women who have survived in stories and beyond. Calypso, Diana the Huntress, and 'Hecate, cthonic earth goddess of the liminal' lend their strength to all. . . .

In poems filled with cracking and healing, with winter hags and shrouds and bones and the soothing power of moonlight and deep magic and what lies within, we are bid to become our own phoenix: to 'Reach deep, ask yourself what you need most' on 'the evening when realms are broken, the line between living and dead is crossed and magic is thick in the air, ripe as peaches ready for picking.'

Drawing on myth and magic and the perspectives of powerful women who have survived and flourished, Tianna turns this powerful and magic-laden collection into a spell, a litany, a ritual, a journey – one where the survivor may have been undone, but is still whole."


~ Magda Knight, Mookychick

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"Undone, Still Whole is an honest examination of what it takes to be broken and forced to be whole again. Because at first, we are skeletal; we crack, break, and hurt; we lose and win, and lose again until the only choice we have is to either heal, or heel.

Or, you can reclaim yourself. You can call yourself Goddess and remember you once told yourself you were worthwhile, and so you are. Tianna Hansen’s Undone, Still Whole, screams to survivors that they are never out of time to be unbroken – to still be whole. To 'take back / every precious thing you stole / with your greedy, gaping mouth / and your rusted steel trap soul,' and be the Goddess you were born to be."

~ Christopher Margolin, The Poetry Question


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"Hansen’s debut collection of poetry. . .begins with a haunting invocation, a spell, a curse, an intonation that this book will be a ceremony of stripping and redressing. After, Hansen delivers just that. Undone, Still Whole creeps along like a moon flower vine, opening in the evening, delicate, but hearty and generous. It celebrates the divine feminine at every turn, proving that even goddesses can have scars. It is easily one of my favorite collections thus far and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a ceremony for their wounds today."

~ Jane Marshall Fleming, Luna Speaks blog


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Undone, Still Whole by Tianna G. Hansen is an invocation of the self in verse.  Hansen wields words like “bellyful of butterflies, pockets full of prose” to her will and our betterment as she says in the poem “Reclamation,” “raise me from the ashes make me clean and make me whole.”  Her poetry is a blood oath with the wounded witch inside all of us enchanting ourselves through a mundane and misogynistic mire to survival and a flourishing.  Her words inspire us to “release your hold on the earth and the grass,” as she says in “Nightfall,” and follow “the moon with a pregnant belly” to chase the feminine from where we have fallen, from abuses and the patriarchy, to where we will take flight.  She reminds us with her poetry that though we, as women, as survivors, are of the earth, we are only limited in our powers of reclamation and recovery by our belief.  When we believe as she says in “How To Become A Phoenix,” that “this is the evening when realms are broken,” then this is the evening when they are. Undone, Still Whole is a grimoire of a coven of survivors, and when you give yourself over to it and your own belief in yourself, you can truly ascend beyond patriarchy and abuse.”

~ Kristin Garth, author of Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir,

Hedgehog Poetry Press

"This chap is a carnivorous reclamation of the female self, utilizing mythos and stark imagery to encapsulate the battle. Hansen does very well with pacing from gentle rallies to all-out battle cries. It isn't until the end for when we can suture our wounds, sewing the undone into the whole, completing the cycle of trauma to recovery. A stellar debut."

~ Josh Dale, founding editor of Thirty West Publishing House

"This chapbook is about reclaiming your body and self-love after trauma. Hansen uses the goddesses as inspiration to draw strength from within, and to look at the many powerful and magical women who have come before. Who have survived. At its core, this book is about surviving abuse and coming out the other side. Undone, but still whole."

~ Christina Rosso, owner of A Novel Idea on Passyunk

"Undone, Still Whole is a testament to the female mind, body, spirit, and all society expects it to endure. Utilizing Greek mythology, witch craft, and an exploration to the darkest depths of the personal perspective and trauma, author Tianna G. Hansen constructs a collection of self affirmation. In every poem or prose, there is the underlying message of mystery, pain, love, and acceptance."

~ K.B. Carle

"Tianna Hansen is one of the best poets out there with her visceral language and phoenix-like outcomes. Your bones will feel her words. She can pack a punch in a half-page poem, and her take on forms is incredible. I love this book, and I'm a huge fan of her future. I especially love how she drew on witches and myths for inspiration. Absolutely terrific. Great job, Tianna. I can't wait for your next book."

~ December Lace

"There's the art of writing poetry and there’s the art of baring your heart out in the most lyrical and provocative manner, with a potency that lingers on long after bring introduced to it. Tianna G. Hansen's debut poetry collection Undone, Still Whole definitively falls under the latter category.

Undone, Still Whole, on paper, is a chapbook of poetry. However, upon reading the first lines “Place your wounds inside, direct pain on who birthed it,” Hansen's introductory lines of her poem “bewitching hour,” the reader can sense that this is not just poetry. Rather, it's an intimate ride along with Hansen's journey of trauma, grief and finally, that all-important sprinkle of hope that perfectly balances the reading experience from getting too morose.

The writing is intensely gripping with each line more efficacious than the last. A huge part of this element stems from Hansen's varied symbolism ranging from mythical creatures to Roman goddesses. Illustrations by Jeremy Gaulke serve as an icing on the cake, supplementing Hansen's writing with imaginative visual aids.

All in all, Undone, Still Whole succeeds in crossing various barriers of literature, life, abuse and much more in between. It's a much-needed collection, especially in an age where a female’s role in society is constantly challenged & debated. Highly recommended."

~ Neel Trivedi

"Reading [this] awe-inspiring poetry collection. I am loving my annotated version, feels like Tianna is sharing her commentary and inspiration on how these magnificent poems came to life.

Undone, Still Whole is a 'a tale of transformation and becoming: of brokenness and piecing yourself back together, one bone at a time.' Hansen's book is a collection of survival and more importantly poems of perseverance that instantly connect to us the reader within the resurrection we both re-experience Undone, Still Whole on and off the page."

~ Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, author of Flashbacks & Verses

Becoming AttractionsBetween the Spine


Undone, Still Whole ... "is a very personal body of work, discussing both my mental illness which I have had my entire life, as well as my PTSD and trauma triggers from sexual abuse. It explores what it means to feel like you are a broken being, finding the strength and resilience to carry on and to discover wholeness again. I was very inspired by witchcraft throughout as well as Greek mythology goddesses as symbols of strength and overcoming." 

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