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Stay tuned as I design & cultivate this space.

Intuitive Paintings (watercolor)

Affirmations & Mantras

Digital Intuitive Collage

New Project (7).png

I am Holding my Head above Water.
I Harness my Power like Lightning.

I am the Storm.

~Oct. 2020~

"Freedom ain't it frightening
Like swimming in the lightning
Deadly but delighting
Lips against the sky now
So bold." ~ Lewis Del Mar

I am Returning to Nature. I am Evolving.
Each day, I reach new roots.
Each day, I grow.

I am One with my Spirit.

I am leaning into Love. 
I am Centered with my Higher Self,
Listening and Trusting my Intuitive Nature.

~Oct. 2020~

New Project (11).png
New Project (25).png

I am a Dreamer.
I am Air.
I Rise Above all this is not Meant for Me.

I Soar.

~Oct. 2020~

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