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"As I hold in my hand Tianna Godsey's poetry collection 'Singing through my Wolf Bones,' I don't just read every line. I vicariously drink a cocktail of inner strength, the embrace of the higher self and a relaxing sigh of 'coming home.'

Godsey's poetry leaves you with all of those themes and emotions and so much more. Within the body of each poem, Godsey articulates the theme of a woman at her lowest, channeling her inner wolf spirit to rise again. And within those themes, each poem recounts a different saga, a different phase of highs and lows, all the while inching closer to reclamation and freedom of authenticity.

Although not intentional, the release of this collection (May 2022) couldn't be more timely given the political turmoil around the world. Now more than ever, women need a voice of solidarity. STMWB fits right in, telling each reader that's it's not over yet and that within each of us lies a strength that if nurtured, will help us rise again from any and all obstacles. Highly recommended."

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co-host 'Daily Wisdom Words' podcast,

writer & mental health advocate

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"Memoir-esque... (surely) a Led Zeppelin fan..." 

"Resonant... powerful."

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