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Poems of Reclamation & Healing

a full-length collection of poetry & prose

Singing through my Wolf Bones (37).png

Tianna Godsey

Available in three editions:

Hardcover; Paperback; eBook

Wolf Rose Press
May 2022

poems of reclamation & healing

For those who feel not-quite human...

sink your teeth in.

166 pages of poetry, as much about lycanthropy as identity.

There exists within each of us a Dual nature… the Wild & Tame, Dark & Light, Feminine & Masculine. . . the Balance within that makes us not one or the other, but equal.

A declaration to all that makes us whole, to the wild womxn who wear fur like armor; for the outcasts aching to transform. This first full-length collection of poems detail a healing, a reckoning, and a transformation into the wolf (her)self, from a woman born of blood and brambles, layered masks and mosaics made of broken hearts... a reclamation and rebirth in flame.

Neel Trivedi, TX

"An intriguing collection of soul-stirring poetry laden with hope and strength."
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Wolf Rose Press
© 2022

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