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Podcast Features

Below are the Podcast episodes I've been fortunate to be featured in; thank you to everyone who has invited me and for all the beautiful effort these Podcasters put into their passion projects.


Poetry - Dr. Thema's 'Homecoming' Podcast

Dr. Thema runs a beautiful podcast for trauma survivors and those working to come home to their bodies and souls. Thank you, Dr. Thema!!

   *Episode 85: Eliminating Self-Destruction       

             (02.14.21) ‘Vows to MySelf’

     *Episode 100: Shifting a Trauma Mindset 

             (05.30.21) ‘Heart Chakra meditation’

     *Episode 132: Healing w/out an Apology 

             (01.09.22) ‘My Body is Saying….’


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Removing Addiction with
Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll is a counselor from Australia and a wonderful person advocating for mental health and life free of addiction; Mikey runs the 'Removing Addiction and Healing Mental Health' Podcast. I was really honored to have the chance to speak about my Embodied Healing. Thank you, Mikey! xx

Overcoming: The Podcast

Hosted by a fellow SA trauma survivor who has become a dear friend, Dr. Taelor, we discuss Embodied Movement and healing from sexual trauma (TW for survivors). Thank you so much, Taelor! xx

Jan. 19, 2022

Daily Wisdom Words

Hosted by my longtime friend Neel Trivedi and new healing connection Maureen O'Dea, we discuss overcoming suicidal ideation and mental health stigmas, finding your strength when you've lost a community and tips for healing depression, anxiety and PTSD. Thank you Neel and Reenie! xxx

Jan. 29, 2022

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