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365 days of very short stories

June 5th - prompt: swallow

The truth is often hard to swallow she thought as she looked down at her palm. She clutched a slip of paper that held her past and her future, folded tight. A DNA test that would tell her who her real parents were & whether she had been raised by strangers.

*Edited: The truth is often hard to swallow she thought as she looked down at her palm. She clutched a slip of paper that held her past and her future, folded tight. A DNA test that would tell her who her real parents were. She crumpled it in her hand.

June 6th - prompt: conjuring

My mind plays tricks, conjuring old, forbidden memories from dusty spaces and locked cabinets like secrets stashed beneath a bed or kept under lock & key, out of sight yet never forgotten - always lingering at the edges, waiting to be discovered and set free.

June 7th - prompt: six

Once upon a time, there were six sisters.

One died by juice of poison; one by the prick of a needle & spinning thread.

One devoured by wolves; one kidnapped by dwarves; one locked high in a tower forever.

And me... I’m married to the Beast.

June 8th - prompt: blur

The edges of my reality blur as I gaze into his eyes. In them I see my past, vanquished, and my future, renewed. I see all I could ever yearn for yet never dared to dream.

I smile as the words leave my lips, placing my fate with his.

"I do."

June 9th - prompt: roar

The roar of the ocean filled her ears - a serenade of white noise, waves crashing on shore and reaching to touch her toes nestled in the sun-baked sand.

If she threw herself among the waves, she wondered if she would float.

She stepped into the ocean's grasp.

June 10th - prompt: inch

The cluster of baby dragons were no more than an inch tall, though she knew they would grow bigger. When they looked up at her, they squealed and burped tiny sparks of flame. She would need to find a much larger space to keep them, and more fire resistant.


give me an inch

I’ll take your smile

run with it through

ten thousand

deserted miles

give me your heart

I’ll take it whole

devour in one gulp

the workings

of your soul


June 11th - prompt: paws

Paws 🐾 reach for you, claws knead, seeking comfort and stability. You are a safe harbor for the ship among storm-bashed waters, the stretch of warm sand after decades lost at sea, the sputtered water released from choked lungs. You are salvation.  


June 12th - prompt: tightly

The thread was tightly wound, ready to be unraveled and knit into someone’s creation, formed from personal design and taste, cultivated from a simple ball of thread and an idea, two hands move quickly, deftly find the knots, unwinding the thread only to create anew.  


June 13th - prompt: parts

Your world exists in so many moving parts, you may reach to touch the universe but you will never fully grasp it.  


body parts and limbs stripped for the world’s eyes this macabre display  



June 14th - prompt: swell

Listen to my heart swell Can you hear the way it Grows Whenever                     you are near  


Zoë flipped the sun visor down to gaze at her reflection in the small slice of mirror. Sunlight glinted but she could still see a shimmer forming, the swell of black & blue around one brown eye. She snapped the visor shut. He would never hurt her again, she promised. 


June 15th - prompt: belly

Grenadine her belly full of rubies  


half-dissected dreams pilgrimage across lunar whispers bellyful of butterflies pockets full of prose rise up from the ashes tonight I reclaim all you stole greedy, hungry soul gaping mouth steel trap-teeth dirty blood visceral mine. 


June 16th - prompt: feasts

Darkness feasts on the shadowy workings of her mind. An entire buffet of salted self-doubt with a side of light loathing and dessert of rich regret.  


June 17th - prompt: fiery

The sun was a fiery ball of light in the sky, something the two sisters had never seen before. It stole their breath as if they had been captured in its flames, draining their oxygen and claiming it for the fire’s own.


Her anger burned fiery, all-consuming and punishing. It gripped her, took control. She saw white then nothing at all. When she blinked her sight beyond the burn, ringing ears told her she had caused another explosion. Smoke curled in the air like a beckoning finger. 💥 


June 18th - prompt: black

Edges of paper crisped black and curled in the lick of the flames. So simple to destroy and demolish what took years to create. A mountain of books as the fire’s fuel. She wanted to cry out as books popped and shriveled, entire worlds crumbling & consumed in the burn. 


June 19th - prompt: puckering

The girl’s flesh was puckering in an ugly scar, a permanent sneer twisting her abdomen. “That’s from a C section?!” The girl nodded. “Emergency. It was a miscarriage after all.” She traced the scar with a finger - a thin line of immense loss - and shivered. 


June 20th - prompt: brims

The memory brims to the surface, unbidden. It refuses to sink no matter how you try to force it down, it continues to rise like a drowned body in the river that must reveal all its dark and dirty secrets beneath the water’s surface.  


June 21st - prompt: wonder

Their eyes filled with wonder as they looked up at the massive waterfall; the sound rushing down filled their ears. “It used to be a right of passage for young human men to climb in a barrel and roll down these falls,” said the tour guide. Their alien eyes widened.  


The captain stood with back turned to her ship, staring out across the starlit, moon-glistening stretch of sea. It filled the cabin boy with wonder how she stood, unmoving, her hair captured by the wind beneath the brim of her hat - a perfect picture of regality.  


June 22nd - prompt: dangles

The future dangles before their eyes, untouched like a flower budding into bloom - secrets yet to unfold, discoveries to be made. And yet the future is stripped from them, plucked like the bud before it is allowed to flourish, before its petals can open to drink the sun.  


June 23rd- prompt: tail

A thin tail swished and flicked around the corner, dashed with golden and brown stripes. The girl followed in hot pursuit but when she turned, the animal was nowhere in sight. A flicker of movement above - the girl froze as the animal swooped down.  


The tail wrapped tightly around her, constricting like a serpent. The more the girl wriggled the tighter it clutched. Her feet left the ground - the animal lifted her. She started to scream and that’s when she saw the other creature out of the corner of her eye... 


June 24th - prompt: nails

Long turquoise nails danced across the keyboard, racing as fast as her heart. They pounded deep rhythms, stretching for the finish line, joints aching with that final push...She wove each sentence like a spider weaving its web, creating a new world of words & punctuation. 


June 25th- prompt: shudder

A shudder of desire sang through her like a thrill rattling her bones, tingling electricity across skin and vibrating her veins. She burned with it, the heat threatening to consume her unless she released it in a billow of smoke and ashen worship, guttural cries.  


June 26th - prompt: always 

The obsidian blade glinted like a secret smile from where it lay across his wrist. The first cut is always the deepest they said. Yet he still hesitated. The audience hushed, expectant, waiting. They wanted his spilled blood. He pressed the blade deep.  


June 27th - prompt: dread 

Heavy heart today. Filled with dread. I know in the end it will turn out ok, remaining positive and looking ahead.  


June 28th - prompt: open 

They told her, “open your mind,” so she read a billion books. 📚 They told her, “open your heart,” so she loved a million men. 💋 They told her, “open your legs,” and she killed a hundred heathens. ⚔️


June 29th - prompt: blind

He told me, "love is blind" but when I shed my mask, he turned his back and covered his eyes. “Hideous,” he said. “I know.” 


June 30th - prompt: never

Once the zombies crawl their way out of their earthy graves and overtake civilization, they will never return to their graves. **

July 1st - prompt: word

If you could shatter someone's world in a single word what would it be? Hatred. Destructive. Hideous. Bitter. But also: Lovely. Awestruck. Dazzling. Succulent.


July 2nd - prompt: prompt

"If you plan to break my heart, make it prompt," Belinda cried, hand over chest. 

He knew it was all an act, stage lights burning down his neck, but when he gazed at her, his heart fluttered. He never meant words more when he spoke his lines. 

“I plan to love you always.” 


July 3rd - prompt: llama

They rode through desert sands and distant lands, aching to reach their destination. They met many who rode camels 🐫 and gazed upon them with wonder & disgust. 

Who would dare attempt to ride a llama? 

I, Llama Queen, said their leader, and my band of misfits. 


July 4th - prompt: purple

Purple fingers stretched across an open expanse of sky, the sun’s final grip before nightfall claimed ownership. Just like the deep purple bruise always faded to black upon her skin, tender to touch & ugly as sin. Nightfall claimed her beauty too. But the sun shone again. 


July 5th - prompt: dairy

Each morning she milks the dairy cows and rubs their bellies, their udders squeeze milk like fresh cream. 🐮 


July 6th - prompt: fandango

When we both arrive in Hell, be sure to save me a fandango dance. 💃🏻 


July 7th - prompt: bottom

Stroke my stem with quiet fingers from top to bottom Fondle bristling leaves prick milky skin, drops of blood against thorns Full petals blossom, open to the touch of warm radiance Mouthful of roses 🌹 hot steam breath blows kisses to the wind 


July 8th - prompt: squeeze

What does a glass of lemonade say to a bunch of lemons? "You're my main squeeze." 🍋😂 


July 9th - prompt: nun

“Hey sweet cheeks, how’s it going?” the grubby man asked with a sly wink. She spun around, glared fierce enough to melt the smile off his face. “If I had to decide between you and becoming a nun, it wouldn’t be a difficult choice,” she said. He turned away, beet-red. 


July 10th - prompt: chaos

Traveling between countries is much like chaos theory-everything you thought you could predict is no longer certain. And yet he still came through the gates ahead of schedule-suitcases in tow, sweat pouring down his face, wearing two jackets. After two years, he arrived. #vss365 


July 11th - prompt: calm