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Overcoming Fear & Resistance: the Road to Indie-Publishing and Womens' Rights

Everyone knows that a lot goes into indie (self)-publishing, no matter what genre. But the oft-not talked about aspect that goes beyond the complexity of marketing and finding clever ways to get your book into the hands of readers who will care enough to (a) leave reviews and (b) support your work authentically.

I encountered this fear and resistance head-on during the soul work that went alongside finishing my certification for Sensual Somatics (TM)... Desi, my mentor and soul sister, shared with us a compelling 'Deep Fear Inventory' exercise where we explored our deep fears. The one that naturally came to mind was the deep fears associated with self-publishing and releasing my book. The exercise was so powerful, that afterward, my arms were tingling with the knowing power that even my deep fears could only stop me if I allowed them the power over me; if I let resistance get the best of me.

I felt called to share my soul work response here on my blog, as an authentic expression of all I experienced, as well as the soul work expression I created in art form as a way to integrate the lessons fully, and the wise words shared from Marianne Williamson, which feel especially timely right now, as the world faces restrictions on womens' rights and health...

I had a focus on releasing my book (because that's been a significant fear which has held me back but also relates to the deep fear of being seen/ facilitating with Sensual Somatic/ intuitive embodiment practices... both feel very personal). It was empowering to put voice to my deep fears, as well as remove their power from me. The physical act of tearing them to pieces, made me feel a tingle through my arms. I suddenly felt like all my deep fears were not anything that could hold me back; no longer.. How wild to actually feel the act of freedom soaring through my arms after ripping up my fears; the vibration of them still lingering in my throat and swimming before my eyes. Liberating on so many levels, and especially freeing to also find this now; as the US (& the world at large) has felt a huge step back in the protection of women's rights; the quote also felt so powerful and necessary for me on many levels. Thank you for the timely soul gift, and for the practice to return to; a reminder of the power we hold and the ignition of flame that is always possible in the palm of our hands.

In response to the recent decisions made in the Supreme Court:


yet again, our bodies (& wombs) are

politicized; ( not revolutionized )~

seen as something to control,

restrict and moderate…

taking the CHOICE from hands

that are in desperate need of hope.

~~no, I never had an abortion but

I rested easy knowing if I needed,

if I was caught unprepared, I could

decide. my mother had an abortion,

age 16… and without that, maybe she

wouldn’t have had me.~~

Grew up with Roe v Wade

as a given right… yet, we have learned

not to take anything for granted.

not the freedom of our bodies

or our wombs, not the burdens

of weighted expectations …

but even as they try to regulate us

even as they try to put chains

on women’s rights… the freedoms

we have fought so hard to earn…

we rise up, resounding cries: not this time.

We have come too far, to go back

and we know this is our battle.

We bear our arms and breathe deep

the surety that another sunrise

will sweep us up in joy once more.

Sisters, we won’t let them take

our power.

Sisters, let us not burn again. 🔥

Our bodies; our choice.

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