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'Be the Flame' & other poems

'Be the Flame' & 3 other poems

published by The Mystic Blue Review (Issue 4) - April 10, 2018

Be the flame

Do not be the moth

flocking toward destruction.

Be the flame withstanding pain

burning bright

to fend off the darkness

with your sheer light.

Do not be the moth

singeing your wings

so you may no longer fly.

Be the flame, impenetrable.

Feed off the oxygen which

makes you want to live.

Do not be the moth

returning to your agony.

Be the flame, dancing,

your body flickering

in the wind.

Be the flame, igniting and

consuming all obstacles

in your path.


Consume me

my forbidden fruit

sweetest juice


soft lips

tongue licks

deft fingers

peel away skin

open me up

teeth dive in

seek the pit




i’ve been searching for


in a clenched heart


in a damning society


in a cavity of suffering

i’ve been relying on


although I am lost

my dreams

although they stretch far


although there is none

and what is left

when it is all gone

but never existed

a hopeless mind

dreaming impossibilities

that could never be true

too good, too false

too much to desire



i’m always waiting,

waiting to explode

my heart is Burning,

Burning through my clothes

my skin’s pure, slick plastic,

my head a Firecracker

my head a Firecracker

starting to implode

words tear me apart

pinning me like labels

sticking to this skin

no matter where I turn,

can’t get out

no matter how I scream,

nobody comes

left to

wait, wait for the match

the flick of the lighter

smell of sulfur as it’s struck

Burning, Burning

heart is beating,

fighting to be free

head is pounding,

don’t know

where i’m from

skin is only plastic,

my head’s on Fire

Firecracker, exploding


flicker and sizzle

set me off,

my insides swirl,


come too close

too late, too bad

you’ll be blown to bits

desire for control eats away

like poison in the vein

like a long, sad exhale

a stale, sour taste

my gut aches

i waste away

fizzling down

‘til nothing more

my head a Firecracker

heart burnt black and brittle

my skin melted, oozing wax

always waiting to explode.

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