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As Day Breaks

As Day Breaks

published at Burning House Press, c/o July's guest editor, Lara Alonso Corona - "bodies" theme

July 23, 2018

The sun stretches to reach you with its tendrils, a warmth unfamiliar to your skin. You have bathed all night beneath the moon’s embrace and open like a flower’s petals to golden rays. You have grown anew, rebirthed in the soils under cover of night. In the clutch of Earth’s darkest caverns, you have discovered yourself.

Day breaks and shatters into a million opportunities, glistening like diamonds to be captured in the palms of your hands. If you look closely, even a spill of oil on the ground casts rainbows upon its surface. Not all are ugly as they first appear. Beauty hides and waits for those willing to seek it. Light shimmers around you, wraps you in a cloak. You will never again cower from darkness but instead welcome it inside. Come, sit with me by the fire and chat. Tell me your adventures through distant lands, the hearts you have eaten whole and I will laugh like little bells singing through the air. I will laugh as if I have no care.

Because there in the fire’s embers and its glowing light exists all that the day brings. Warmth and steadiness, a strength to move on and push through the swath of darkness. This shroud, encasing you, attempting to entomb. But you will not be buried. You will rise and dance with the sun, becoming one with its glistening diamonds.

Image: Silent scream by Secret Artist (Creative Commons)

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