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Rejuvenate // Self-Care // Polly Wants a Cracker ((3 poems))

Three poems published by Mojave He[art] Review

September 1, 2018


Do you ever feel you are / fire and water joined in one / a cross between burning desire / and passionate cultivation? / you may think the climate / silenced me but it did the opposite / I am ready to defend my earth mother / take back what we once had / to make heard what once / was silenced / bring light to the problems / which they wish / to shroud in darkness and obscurity / no more, we declare, no more / will you strip us of our rights / and take from us our dignity / we are fire, water, Earth / one and the same / we hear cries of those / who have been silenced / but refuse to disappear / so many still believe and / have faith in humankind / to discover what really matters / basic respect and love for all / I cannot see why it is so hard / to lower our walls and / embrace one another, strongly / to say, I will not let go / my brother / my sister, my friend / my mother / my father, my son and daughter / husband or wife, we are one / all the same inside / beating heart and lungs / no more than a bundle of bones / held together with nerves / and still we have the audacity to judge / to discriminate and desecrate / to destroy and demolish / my promise to you is: beware / when you least expect my bite / I will sink venom into your veins / intoxicate and debilitate / mine, forever more.



Please, take the time

to rub lotion on your skin

stroke your every inch

like how you want your lovers to

and relish in the softness

luscious flesh smooth like the ocean

waiting to be discovered

uncharted but still crossed

uninvited pilgrims have taken

from you your self-control but

you – and only you – have the

power to change, to create a

new self-care ritual, renewal of love

and necessary adoration

respect for the woman you have


You are wonderful, the way you

look to those who love you

but what you have yet to discover

is your own beauty, the way to

worship the bells of your laughter

hanging in the air.

The flicker of light playing in

your silken hair, the relish of

warm salt licked from lengths of

broken skin and shattered hearts

pieces of what once was

fitted back together

with molten, glistening gold.


Polly Wants a Cracker

You only want me

when I perch

upon your shoulder

nibble at your ear

& parrot sweet

nothings, professions

of undying love

whether true or false-

doesn’t change

how you stroke

ruffled feathers

feed me crackers

I am nothing more

than clipped wings

& broken syllables

a caged bird meant

to be tamed

you look at me

from a distance, observe curves of this body, slick skin I am a lizard, scaled, speckled, a snake ready to shed, fangs bared. Soon I will become new the way you always wanted; at your request, I will be reborn.

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